To build up an ultimate sevice that is as last trump for everyone

Management Philosophy

With global society combining diverse of people’s lifestyle and sense of value, it is required for companies to play socially more responsible role by utilizing high ethical standard. Here, not only as solely IT provider, we are willing to procreate a great deal of social contribution by providing products・service which are likely to be ‘last trump card’ , by a strength lying on ICT technology which emphasizes on’ C’ .

Management Policy

  1. 1.Endeavor to attempt taking social responsibility and social ethic with the global viewpoint.

    Regardless the immediate profits, we fulfill our social responsibility in accordance with the law and high ethical sense of value by standing on global viewpoint for long term. In addition, we share a mind of social responsibility with business partners in order to make sustainable business growth together.

  2. 2. No fear for a challenge to new technology, Continue to seek more customer satisfaction

    ACE realize a provision of highly secured and qualified services and products through continuous trial for developing new technology based on enhancement of own core platform technology.

  3. 3.Build a trustworthy relationship based on communication with the society

    Begin with shareholders, ACE deploys business activities emphasizing on trustworthy relationship thorough an adequate disclosure of socially fare and transparent company information.

  4. 4.Drive environmental activity into the next generation, and the generation beyond

    ACE puts priority on a protection of global environment from the long term view point of next generation, and the generation beyond
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  5. 5. Contribute to the society by providing pleasant working environments

    ACE create a safe and ideal workplace and promote personal-development of our individual employees through work, in order let them to take skill up as one of members in the society. Meanwhile, ACE emphasizes on building up mutual-personal relationship with people with an aim to procreate more social contribution as sincere and nondiscriminatory company.

Company information

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