Yoshitaka SaSakawa
Executive Chairman of ACE Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yoshitaka Sasakawa

Global Vision, Local living

ACE group endeavors to be a corporation that continuously delivers “New Value” through supporting people to obtain more personal connection by flat style in current modern chaotic society.
With the spirit of harmony, ACE group will strive to maximize individual performance in global scale while focusing on individual talent.
This is our way to be ideal organization.

Do not be unbalanced ・ Do not dwell ・ Do not be captured

「All people of the world are brother and sisters, we are one world, one family」– is a word by my great uncle Mr. Ryoichi Sasakawa, well known social contributor in Japan and abroad. While implementation of IT system has brought about more accessibility which makes this world certainly smaller, people has tended to be timely less affordable and to consider things in smaller scale. Am I the only one who feel a decrease in mentally flexible people being open to things?

Therefore here, I regard ACE not only as IT dealer, but also「ICT」. In other words, ACE has to be treated as communication tool by focusing on Communication’s ‘C’.

Taking full-advantage of IT as a communication tool, first, we have to make connection between dot and dot through universally attractive mind. Second, we have to hold concreate view point that features ‘Do not be unbalanced・ Do not dwell・Do not be captured’. Thus, this is conceivable to claim our mission is to continuously transmit ‘New Value Standard’ which people would have not thought previously.

Mr. Yoshitaka Sasakawa
Executive Chairman of ACE Co., Ltd.

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